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Enabling teams to access, curate & collaborate on images, videos and creative content, from multiple sources, in one intuitive interface.

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Brands are producing more videos, images, marketing assets and other creative content than ever before. But the tools and processes we use to manage it all slow us down. Which used to make us mad as hell. So we did something about it.

Spotter is an all-new workplace collaboration app for content-driven work. It helps you and your team access all your assets, from multiple sources, instantly to maximise output while slashing content production time. Go from assets to campaign to distribution easily.


Made for marketers, designers, sales and customer success teams. Content coordinators, brand and social media managers. Creative directors, runners – and many (many) more.

Finding like
never before

Think of Spotter like a layer: it brings together all your creative assets, from multiple sources, in one intuitive interface.

  • Find what you are looking for without sifting through folders
  • Use smart tags, image recognition, color searches, and more
  • Preview any file type and content (with a simple mouse hover)

is caring

Sharing should be a joy, not a pain in the assets. Spotter works like a shared content library, so partners can instantly find, view, upload, and download content directly from your workspace

  • Ensure everyone is always choosing from the best assets and keeping the brand's identity
  • Allow partners easily contribute and showcase creative work
  • Send and receive content in one centralized tool

Made for

Managing feedback and approvals from every stakeholder shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. We believe your content and creative feedback belong together - not spread across chat apps, emails and texts.

  • Centralize collaboration
  • Simplify decision-making
  • Never lose feedback again


Your Spotter Workspace helps you and your team organize, find, share, and collaborate on, all your visual creative files and content.

From Google Drive to Adobe Stock, no matter where your assets are stored, Spotter gives you instant access, plus powerful features.


Spotter Boards are like channels or groups. Invite internal and external collaborators to collect, rate, markup, select and more.

Each Board is like a supercharged folder, with easier access and smarter features.

Connect the dots

Want to keep your Google Drive? No problem. Can’t break your Dropbox habit? We get it. The Spotter Workspace isn’t just another cloud storage.

It’s a layer that adds content discovery, collaboration, sharing, and intelligence features on top of your storages.

Bring all your visual work together

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What our clients
say about us

Marc Feronce


Bringing our creative assets from multiple sources in one single intuitive interface and being able to organise it all is a game changer.

Clement Halloo

Head of Paid Social Marketing

How annoying is it to look for creative assets on GDrive, organize them in sub-sub-folders... Spotter makes finding and browsing creative assets easy, finally!

Guillaume Jolicoeur

Art Director & Designer

Showcasing my work to potential customers will finally become lightweight and engaging.

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