The easiest way to manage photos,
videos and creative files.

Spotter is a super-simple digital video and image management software for businesses and teams that seamlessly connects to all the places where your photo, video and creative files are stored and accessed. Spotter helps you find files faster, eliminate file duplicates, and be more collaborative.


Google like search

One central, intuitive interface

  • Find what you need in no time.
  • Search across the different locations where your files are stored.
  • Filter your digital library in various ways.

Start in seconds - scale instantly

  • Convert your Google Drive into a full-fledged digital library.
  • Your Cloud-Drive files always stay in your Cloud-Drives. New uploads, keywords, and any other changes you make in Spotter are synced automatically.
google drive
Inutitve through Drag & Drop

Unique Tagging System

  • Tag files in a completly new and convienent way.
  • Add keywords fast and intuitivly via Drag & Drop.


  • Add-ons are a great way to extend Spotter functionality in a blink and according to your needs. For example. The Automatic Content Recognition (AI) add-on will tag your pictures automatically.
  • Integrate additional, powerful functionality optionally and according to your needs.
Automatic AI Content-Recognition
connects with the place you work already with

Seamless Integration

  • Work where you’re comfortable — inside your Apps! Access your Spotter media library from within other applications, such as your CMS, or through RESTful APIs.
  • Integrate the Spotter media library with your project management tools, sales apps, publishing platforms ...

... and many more

For Teams

Distributed teams manage their creative files with Spotter.

Our Customers

For creative teams, departments and companies

The easy-to-use, digital video and image management software Spotter is already used in numerous industries:


Spotter’s photo and video file management software gives brands the organisation they need. Manage and reuse media files with efficiency, simplicity and structure.



As an architect, you have better things to do than managing your project photos, videos and 3D files. Simply leave it to Spotter and stay in control, from the first picture taken before project opening until after handover.


For online teaching and lectures, you must be able to create new teaching materials in no time time. With Spotter you will find pictures, videos and video tutorials immediately.


So much more..

Spotter is an API-first platform for the photo and video file management (digital asset management). Spotter makes the tagging of your media files faster, easier and more precise. Find media files much faster and integrate Spotter in your common business applications if relevant. No wonder Spotter inspires marketers, site engineers, software developers and many other service providers. Let us surprise you with how simple it is to embed and use our media asset management software.



A Spotter workspace is a space you share with other members to access your content-oriented files and get work done.

The data you upload into a workspace is completely private and can only be accessed by members. Depending on your work or interests, you can join multiple workspaces.

Modern API

Don’t waste time on a problem that’s already been solved! Use our APIs to connect Spotter to the system you build or already work with and create a seamless integration from field to back office.



easy to migrate

content silos

Centralise key content from across the cloud, in-house server and the web in one visual user interface that is easy to connect and access.

Fast to find

file duplicates

No static folder structures! Tagging prevents file duplicates and makes it easy to find and reuse content anytime.

Built to scale


Our modern architecture significantly cuts downs your expenses for a DAM service, making Spotter one of the most attractive video and image management solutions in the market.

Easy to use

simple to use

A modern, intuitive user interface designed with casual users in mind.

Open to connect


Our open API integrates with the tools to connect your Spotter to everything you need.

Set up in less then 60 seconds.

  • Create a workspace
  • Connect cloud-drives
  • Invite colleagues or join a team
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Spotter runs on all devices

The ease and simplicity of Spotter - available across devices

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